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  • Web3 Delight
15 November 2022
Web3 Delight
Abu Dhabi UAE
15 November 2022
40+ Speakers
Abu Dhabi UAE

The tech industry's center of gravity is shifting

With a vision to engage, empower and support an advanced economy that is proactive, customized, collaborative and secure, the Web3 Delight Abu Dhabi is uniting both global and local Web3 players to paint the art of possible and facilitate co-operation opportunities towards enhancing the digital transformation ecosystem. Web3 Delight Abu Dhabi is bringing together blockchain startups, developers, researchers, investors, marketers and other experts in the domain. Web3 is not about technology only! Tech is just a vehicle for the much bigger change upon us. This is a social movement towards transparency, consensus, inclusiveness, ownership and openness.

The Speakers

The Hosts

Raha Moharrak

Art Director at undo

The youngest Arab and the first Saudi woman to climb Mount Everest.

Jay Harris

Founder, Web3 Podcast Network

Founder of the Web3 Podcast Network, which produces audio shows to educate and edify Web3 communities.

Tesha Teshanovich

Strategic Advisor, Swift Motion

Media and change management expert, and author on global economic trends and topics such as productivity, growth and the Future of Work.

Emilija Vuković, MD PhD

President, Serbian Blockchain Initiative

Leading a non-profit, non-government organization, with the purpose of supporting blockchain adoption.


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Web3 Delight Abu Dhabi

Brilliant Content

In-depth, trend-forward sessions & workshops – each tons of practical takeaways and ideas to keep you ahead in the digital economy.

World Class Speakers

Gain in-depth guidance from expert speakers on fine-tuning your Web3 journey based on real-life practices.

Panel Discussions

We’ll pull presenters together from different schools of thought, who represent different stakeholders on a topic - think practitioner vs expert.

Continued Learning

You have access to speaker presentation slides and recordings, for you to reference and use in your tech and business initiatives, year-round.

New People

Hundreds of seasoned marketers, strategists, designers, and more to mingle and connect with. Meet your peers, expert resources, friends and colleagues of tomorrow.

Engage with leading solution providers

As a delegate, you will experience cutting-edge technology from solution providers from around the world that can fulfil your business aspirations.


Keynote Speakers

Paul Lalovich

Partner, Agile Dynamics

Brings deep experience in tech, helping leading companies win market share, drive top-line growth, and transform operations to reduce costs.

Philipp Kishkovarov

CTO, Synthetic Equity

Innovation and transformation technology leadership; accelerating the realization of new ideas and ways of thinking which empower individual.

Christopher Page

Chief Investment Officer, Synthetic Equity

Executive remuneration expert with experience engaging and working effectively with clients' C suite and Boards.

Owen Healy

Recruiter, Blockchain Headhunter - Crypto

Joined the Web3 revolution and is now a Senior Recruitment Manager with Blockchain Headhunter.

Najdana Majors

Head of Talent, Connext Labs Inc

Leads a global team of talented Tech Recruiters and Sourcers.

Fernanda Boccard

NFT Artist

Fernanda has been creating digital art since 2020, heavily involved in the design and production of the Serious and Cool People NFT collection.

César Castro

3D Artist, Arkadius Cia. Ltda.

3D artist expert in 3D Max, Blender and Maya.


A blockchain is an increasing list of records (blocks) chained together using cryptography. Each block has a cryptographic hash from the previous block, timestamp, and transaction data (usually in the form of a Merkle tree).

Talib Hashim

Managing Director, TBH

Identifies and implements solutions that will enable local talent as well as businesses so that they grow successful in the UAE.

Vladimir Lelicanin

R&D Director, MVP Workshop

Software architect and Senior full-stack web developer with over 20 years of intensive work experience. MSc in Distributed ledger technologies and AI.

Giovanni Everduin

Head of Strategy & Innovation, Commercial Bank International

Fixing strategic business and product problems through a people-culture-organization lens.

Riyaz Jivanjee

Strategic Advisor, Swift Motion Media

Leadership development with digital coaching specifically designed for the Web3 business startup business leaders.

Imari Oliver

Founder & CEO, Bond & Play

Leading a product, media, technology, and entertainment company that builds IP and platforms rooted in innovative business models and strategy.

Bull Market

A bull market is a state of the financial market where prices are increasing or are anticipated to increase. The term is often used in reference to the stock market, but it applies to any market ...

George Mosomi

Head of Africa, Unstoppable Domains

Leads growth in Africa for the largest NFT domain provider globally.

Petra Capin

Partnerships Manager, Blockpit AG

Building a network of crypto enthusiasts and rolling out growth strategies through valuable partnerships.

Ivan Bjelajac

CEO, & Co-Founder, MVP Workshop

Web3 company and product builder, serial entrepreneur with 6 exits and startup mentor & angel investor.

Leigh Flounders

Chief Commercial Officer, NowNow

Providing strategic direction to government, financial services CEO’s, boards, industry and tech companies across the globe.

Adnan Al Noorani

Chairman of The Board at Private Office of Shiekh Saqer Bin Mohamed Al Qasimi and Group of Companies

Ileke Airende

Founder, Awwspire Media

Branding and Marketing Strategist for High-end Crypto Companies.

Pius Paul

Crypto-comedian, tutor and the pioneer of Insight Emporium community

Journalist, podcaster, event host, and media personality.

Randy Klacar

Advisor, Swift Motion Media

NFT Collector, Crypto Trading, Investor and Startup Advisor.

Seth 👾🤖🍄⚡️

VP of Strategy & Innovation Web3, Subnation

Award-Winning, Innovative, Neurodiverse, Global Production Director, Executive Producer & Competitive Gaming Pro.

Samuel Oladokun Olaoyenikan

aka XeusTheGreat

Founder of the much acclaimed NIRVANA Academy, DAO and Labs.

Saad Sameer Abujubara

Partner, Impact Partners Management Consulting

Helping governments to design the right digital strategy and their path to value.

Jeremy Briat

Managing Director, VP, FTI Consulting

Advising energy companies on how to identify their role in the Web3 space and create a business case.

Jonathan Emmanuel

CEO and Founder, Zenith Chain

Founder and a full-stack developer dedicated to fostering the growth of the Crypto worldwide.

Connie Ansaldi

Founder & CEO, Carnaval.Art

Founder of the first NFT marketplace of Ibero-American Artists powered by Bitcoin.


Event Schedule

  • Afternoon Sessions

    November 15, 2022

  • Evening Sessions

    November 15, 2022

  • Online Workshops

    November 15 - 18, 2022

  • In-Person Workshops

    November 15, 2022

14:00 - 14:30 PM


Intro - The new web that we need

In this session, we will discuss Web3 movement, where users and tech can interact with data and other personalized options according to their appetite in a global network where you write, read and own the content.

14:30 - 15:00 PM


Human Capital – Career opportunities in the Metaverse and Web3?

To land a job in the Metaverse and Web3, possess the right skills, interact and network with people, build your brand, create content, and increase your exposure in the crypto market. Incentives and pay for performance in Web3.

15:00 - 15:30 PM


Operations/Tech – The future of work

As decentralized autonomous organizations are adopted more widely, new types of businesses will emerge that would look more like cooperatives and less than corporations, significantly reducing agency costs.

15:30 - 16:00 PM


Finance and Investment - How should web3 companies approach fundraising during a downturn?

The financial market crash this year has had a unique effect on the web3 industry. Fundraising can be hugely challenging in times like these, and it’s an essential lifeline for web3 companies’ intent on withstanding this downturn.

16:00 - 16:30 PM


Governance and Legal - Multi-signature (multisig) wallet smart contracts

A multisig wallet could be used to control ETH, or a smart contract, requiring signatures from at least M of N total signers to execute the action. More generally, it is a type of decentralized governance.

17:00 - 17:30 PM


Product - The race to build the Next Facebook, Amazon & Google on Web3

We will discuss different trajectories and opportunities of Web3 as we take a closer look at the impact of distributed finance and distributed technologies on business and society.

17:30 - 18:00 PM


Marketing - Ways Web3 and NFTs will redefine the future of marketing

It’s 2022, and we’ve all heard of Web3 and NFTs. However, in this new digital era, how can creators effectively leverage NFTs? The market is ripe for innovation, and it is sizable, boasting more than 50 million creators. With the power of Web3, creators can reap enormous benefits from NFTs.

18:00 - 18:30 PM


Sales - Turning fandom into revenue with Web3

Fandom is one of the most powerful forces on earth. It connects the now to the past. We feel willing to do anything to get back to that perfect sensation. Like falling in love, sometimes it’s wrong and we won’t accept anyone telling us we’re wrong.

18:30 - 19:00 PM


Distribution - Proof-of-provenance (PoP)

Proving the ownership and origin of physical assets has never been easy. Who can say for certain that a professed artist really created a piece of art? For physical assets sometimes the best we can do is determine a physical “chain of custody” — who had the asset last, where they got it from, who had it before that, and so on.

19:00 - 19:30 PM


Customer Relations - How to amplify customer relations in the metaverse?

Whether you think we are heading for Ready Player One levels of immersion or that it’s just a lot of hot air and hype, the fact is businesses are pouring cash and resources into staking their place in this new digital world. And one of the main reasons they are doing so is the opportunities it provides to connect and engage with customers in a whole range of new ways.

Blockchain Basics

A learner will be able to recognize foundational concepts of blockchain, and apply these program concepts on the blockchain.

Create your own Blockchain ERC20 Token | Python, Brownie, Solidity

Build your own ERC20 token using Brownie, Python, and Solidity.

Everything you need to know about NFTs

Discover everything you need to know about Non-Fungible Tokens, also known as NFTs, to get you started with true digital ownership.

CreateStart your Web3 Career

Once you are ready you can start applying for Web3 Jobs. You don't need to have huge experience, there are many entry level Web3 Jobs and Web3 Internships.

Blockchain Tech - Application of the Business Innovation

A detailed and comprehensive overview of the Blockchain Technology. This course is intended for Top Management teams and Managers who are considering a Blockchain implementation or simply want to get a better understanding of this technology. This introduction to the blockchain technology helps you to understand basics of the Blockchain, its potential applications, opportunities and threats for future business consideration. During the session, a real demo presentation will be given.

Industrial Scale Innovation with Venture Builder Model

A Venture Builder is a business that builds businesses, they are also known as Startup Factories, Startup Studios, Tech Studios and Venture Production Studios. These organizations create, launch and scale high growth businesses, typically developing an idea into a product, then creating a business - using their own resources and networks. The Venture Builder Model is adopted by organization such as Pantera Capital, Coinbase Ventures, Brinc, etc. and is adopted in the corporate world to drive innovation and build spin-out companies. This training course is applicable for both traditional entrepreneurs pursuing scaling innovative start-up ventures, as well as planning teams within a corporation tasked with launching a new initiatives and startups. In this course you will learn how Venture Builders create highly skilled project teams with deep domain expertise and create and launch products fast.

Cryptocurrencies and Tokenization Fundamentals

This training course covers the global ecosystem of cryptocurrencies, tokens and ICOs. The aim is to give you tangible knowledge regarding this new raising funds business model including the technical involvement as well as business opportunities and risks. For this dedicated training session, our objective is to provide some tangible knowledge to understand tokenization: protocols, tokenization concepts and challenges and a critical thinking on this new business model. What are the issues for setting up a token sale in terms of KYC, security and regulation? What are the technical and financial mechanisms? Should you consider this business model? Do you know how to start and who to partner with?


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